Match Report
Geneva English School Girls U11 vs  SGIS Cat E Girls Football Tournament
On: Friday, 15 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

Girls Under 11 Football Tournament Hosted by Nation Ecolint

The Girls Under 11 Football Tournament hosted by Nation Ecolint was a delightful day filled with high spirits and perfect weather. Despite this being their first time playing together as a team, the ten GES girls displayed exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship. Their performance were characterised by both technical skill and unwavering team spirit, leaving a lasting impression on the event.

Out of the eight participating team, GES secured a respectable 5th place, demonstrating their potential and ability on the field. Remarkably they managed to score goals in each match, showcasing their talent. Beyond their impressive performance, the GES girls exhibited exceptional fairness and sportsmanship by assisting other teams when needed, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the tournament.

We look forward to supporting and celebrating their future endeavours in football.