Match Report
Geneva English School Boys U9 vs  SGIS Cat F Football Tournament
On: Monday, 25 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

A huge congratulations to all our boys (20 of them) who represented GES. Split into two teams, the whole squad were fantastic, supporting each other and willing on success for all GES teams on the pitches (including the girls team).

GES 1, made up of Year 4 players, had a superb tournament, flying through the group stages with 3 wins and a draw. After qualifying for the semi-finals, they beat La Chat 1 and went on to the final. After a very close encounter in the final, ending 2-2, they just fell short in the penalty shoot-out, finishing overall SECOND place. They were understandably disappointed at first, but soon realised they should be very proud of their achievements and have learnt a lot from this experience.

GES 2, made up of a mix of Year 3 & 4 players started slowly with a few losses, but each game they played they showed big improvements. For many of the team, it was their first tournament experience so they were learning fast. The progress they made was made evident in their last group match, winning 1-0! Qualifying for the playoff to see who finished in 7th place, they played La Chat 2, wining 1-0! Ending the tournament with two big wins was a fantastic way to prove the immense improvements they made throughout the day!

Well done to all players who were a credit to GES!

SGIS Football cat F - Boys & Girls Nations 2023

Boys Pitch Jura Boys Pitch Lac GIRLS Pitch 5 a side
Time score 12 minutes 12 minutes score 08 minutes score
9h coach meeting
9h15 CHAT 1- NATIONS 1 GES 2- LGB 2 9h15 NAT 1- IIL 1
9h30 LGB 1- IIL 1 GES 1- CHAT 2 9H25 GES - IIL 3
9h45 CHAT 1- GES 2 LGB 2 - IIL 2 9H35 CHAT 1- LGB
10h00 LGB 1- GES 1 CHAT 2- NATIONS 2 9H45 IIL 2- NAT 2
10h15 NATIONS 1- IIL 2 CHAT 1- LGB 2 9H55 NAT1- IIL 3
10h30 IIL 1- NATIONS 2 LGB 1- CHAT 2 10.05 IIL 1- GES
10h45 NATIONS 1- GES 2 CHAT 1- IIL 2 10H15 CHAT 1- NAT 2
11h00 IIL 1- GES 1 LGB 1- NATIONS 2 10H25 LGB- IIL 2
11h15 NATIONS 1- LGB 2 GES 2- IIL 2 10H35 NAT 1- GES
11h30 IIL 1- CHAT 2 GES 1- NATIONS 2 10H45 IIL 1- IIL 3
Phase de Classement (12 min / 3 pen.) 10H55 CHAT 1- IIL 2
lunch 11H05 LGB- NAT 2
12h30 SF 1: 1ST G1-2ND G2 SF 2 : 1ST G2- 2ND G1 11H15-11H40 / 10 MINUTES PHASE DE CLASSEMENT
12H50 4TH G1-4TH G2 5TH G1- 5TH G2 11H40 (A)3rd G1-4th G2
13h00 LOSER SF 1- LOSER SF 2 3RD G1- 3RD G2 12h00 (B)3rd G2-4th G1
13H20 FINAL 12h20 SF1: 1sd G1- 2nd G2
12H40 SF2 : 1st G2- 2nd G1
13h00 Looser A- Looser B
13h20 Winner A- Winner B
13h40 Looser SF1- Looser SF2
14h00 Winner SF1- Winner SF2